Lili of the Valley #116 – Warm & Cozy

My goodness, I’m surprising myself these days at my output – have had a looooooooong time of no inspiration/energy, so it’s lovely to be back and crafting again on a more regular basis:)  This week’s challenge at Lili of the Valley is ‘Warm & Cozy’ and today is certainly a day to be snuggled up inside ( spare a thought for those poor people who can’t!)

This stamp reminded me so much of my father-in-law who always likes to ‘rest his eyelids’ after a big meal – especially Christmas, with his hat all askew and snoring (not so) gently!  I wonder who gave him the smart tank top??  Oh, I did!!

Lovely catz helpedz.  Nom-nom.  Chew EZ mountz.  Nom.  Givez me that stringz.

What you meanz, I takez up too much space? I foldz up!

Thanks for looking, and I hope you all have a Magnificent Monday:)

Lady Teapot, who’s just off to make another cuppa!