Clean and Simple

This past month has just flown by, and it’s nearly time to start opening my advent calendar!  I’ve not even sneaked any choccies from it yet, probably helped by my wee stash of sweeties hidden in my craft storage to stave off those chocolate pangs!  Tee-hee!

Anyway, here is a clean and simple Magnolia card, using one of the new Christmas stamps.  The designer paper is from a Tone Finnanger collection and doesn’t really need anymore embellishing IMHO.  Quick and easy, just what you need for your Christmas cards =)

This image reminds me a little bit of Carl Larsson, the wonderful Swedish artist who is probably best known for his enchanting watercolours, which depict idyllic scenes of family life at the turn of the last century.  I am currently reading his autobiography which is a fascinating story!  Below is an example of his work – one of my favourites, though it’s hard to pick, they’re all just soooooo beautiful!

You can see some more examples here – I hope you’ll enjoy it!

Well, that’s all for now – am off to play with some new Tone Finnanger angel stamps I just got this morning – maybe next time I’ll show what I’ve done with them =)

Thanks for stopping by, and warm wishes to you all on this cold day!

Teapot Lottie x


Silly Tilda..!

I am entering no less than three challenges with this card – Magnolia Mania who are asking for a ‘Little Scene’ (ooooh, the drama queen in me feels like making a BIG scene, complete with wild hair, wailing and storming out of doors!) – and also Sir Stampalot who are looking for ‘Food, Glorious Food’, as well as Just Magnolia who are thinking ‘Pink’ for breast cancer awareness.

Silly little Tilda looks suitably chastened by the wee chicken who just said to her, ‘Do you realise how hard it was to push that out?!’ (eggs come out big end first!) – I’m sure she’ll be more careful next time LOL!

I do love this kitschy retro look – secretly I really want to be a 50’s housewife and float around the house on a domestic cloud – housework is such a gentle art, isn’t it – and wait all day for Hank to arrive home to a three-course dinner (thrifty, but tasty), having applied some fresh lipstick just before his arrival.  It’s those little nipped in waists and frilly aprons plus doing your chores in high heels that seem so alluring… at least when it suits me!

Thank you very much for looking, and I hope you have a great day:)

Lady Teapot x

Lili of the Valley #116 – Warm & Cozy

My goodness, I’m surprising myself these days at my output – have had a looooooooong time of no inspiration/energy, so it’s lovely to be back and crafting again on a more regular basis:)  This week’s challenge at Lili of the Valley is ‘Warm & Cozy’ and today is certainly a day to be snuggled up inside ( spare a thought for those poor people who can’t!)

This stamp reminded me so much of my father-in-law who always likes to ‘rest his eyelids’ after a big meal – especially Christmas, with his hat all askew and snoring (not so) gently!  I wonder who gave him the smart tank top??  Oh, I did!!

Lovely catz helpedz.  Nom-nom.  Chew EZ mountz.  Nom.  Givez me that stringz.

What you meanz, I takez up too much space? I foldz up!

Thanks for looking, and I hope you all have a Magnificent Monday:)

Lady Teapot, who’s just off to make another cuppa!

Tilda on a Little Cold Cloud

This week’s Tomic Challenge is to use a sitting Tilda or Edwin, plus at least one Doo Hickey die – so this is what I came up with.  I’ve used the fence, swirl and cloud dies, plus a Tilda from last year’s Christmas collection (I think!).   I’ve also entered this card into the current Happy Daze challenge, which is Halloween or Christmas.

Below is a close up of the background – I added the words from an old children’s winter song, ‘The North wind will blow, and we shall have snow, and what will the robin do then, poor thing…’  –  one of my many passions is nursery rhymes and tales, and I thought this little ditty was just the right thing for the card😉

Hope you’re all enjoying the weekend, have a good week ahead – and thanks for looking:)

Lotte x

Baking Tilda

It seems to take a lot longer these days to finish my cards – pro’lly cos I do so many things at once…  But here is Tilda busily baking for Christmas – with those cheeky little gingerbread men running around like mad!  I’m always reminded of the Gingerbread man in ‘Shrek’ – there’s something to be said for being so feisty when you’re so small and breakable LOL!

The window and gingerbread men are Molly Blooms stamps – they seem to go so well with the Magnolias.  You’ll need to click the photo for a better view, though!

Hope you have a Terrific Thursday!

Charlotte x

Three – Two – One – GO!

On Cuddly Buddly this week, the challenge was to use three papers, two bellies and one ribbon.  I decided to use this lovely little girl (from CB) and set to work.  Being an old-fashioned girl, I really prefer my stamps made out of rubber, but this digi stamp was just too cute to resist!  And much easier to store, of course… good for sneaky stamp addicts who are expert at smuggling new goodies into the house and stashing them without Dear Hubs noticing;-D

Happiness is a wee warm kitty...

When I found the little fishes in my stash, I decided they were just perfect to add a touch of quirkiness – ah, just humour me, hehe!

Well, that’s all for now Folks!  Thanks for looking 🙂   –   and remember:


(stamping is a good alternative, too)

Lady Teapot

Cuddly Buddly Challenge – Tag It!

This week on  Cuddly Buddly, the challenge was ‘Tag It’ – I already had this little Toby Tumble coloured up, so it seemed like a good idea to finally use him!  As my card progressed, I couldn’t find a way to use the tag on top of the card, so in the end decided to put it in a pocket inside the card instead – and also decided to make it a tea break voucher;-D    I can’t live without several cups of the stuff everyday, and as I am by nature hugely generous (as long as it doesn’t involve any of my crafty stash :-P) I decided to issue the recipient with a voucher that’s good for at least one tea break.  I hereby declare this an officially recognised voucher by the Teapot Society, of which I am of course Lady President!

So here’s the card – I just luuurve  lil’ fuzzy Toby!

Where's that darn tag..?

Oh, lookie-lookie, somethin's happenin'...

.... TA-DAAAA!

Well, that’s all folks… and remember: ‘MAKE TEA, NOT WAR!’

Lady Teapot

who thanks you very much for looking!